Probe EDC17C46 for CMD Flash TriCore Tool

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Preface: All coordinates, which are necessary for the production of the probe are determined using an advanced 3D measurement system, which has a maximum deviation of 0.02 mm!
All adapters are made ​​by me personally to ensure the highest quality and precision.

This adaptor allows unlocking all VAG 2.0TDI EDC17C46 ECU's and read/write on the workbench without the need of soldering!
No additional resistors and wiring required!
TP8/10 protected ECU's can be unlocked by the flick of a switch.
LED lights are fitted to the underside of the probe for an easy adjustment.

Set contains:
1 special adaptor for Bosch EDC17C46
1 illustrated manual as PDF

Pictured accessories are for illustration only and are not included in the set!

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